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Why Should You Choose Wood-Fired Pizza?

Why Should You Choose Wood-Fired Pizza?

There is pizza and then there is wood-fired pizza. What’s all the fuss about wood fired pizza and why should you choose wood fired pizza over other pizza?

All good pizza is cooked in an oven but a wood fired pizza is cooked in an oven that uses wood for fuel. The pizzas are placed in the oven after the fire has created coals. The temperature is typically over 800 degrees when the wood-fired oven  ready to cook the pizza. But despite the temperature, the pizza does not burn.


Why should you choose wood-fired pizza?

Cooking in a Wood-fired Oven

The cooking process takes place like a convection oven where a natural current of warm air circulates and cooks the pizza evenly. The wood-fired oven also offers a smoky element to the cooking where the crust can be infused with a taste of live fire. Because the oven is so hot, cooking in a wood-fired pizza oven is fast and toppings will retain their flavor and freshness since they will only need to be in the oven for a very short period of time. The oven’s atmosphere also ensure the pizza base is crisp at the crusts. Pizza cooking times are less than five minutes which means a lot of pizzas can be cooked very quickly.


Cooking in a Woodfired Oven
Pedro Duarte cooks a pizza in a wood fired oven at Green Cottage located in Tarzana

At Green Cottage Restaurant, we use Fruit-woods that are extremely popular including apple, almond, cherry, hickory, pear and pecan. The advantage to fruit-woods are the fragrance, specially, apple because it burns very hot, has a great aroma and flavor.

There are some great resources about firewood on university and state sponsored websites.  One of our favorites is from Utah State University with a wood heating forestry chart that provides a ton of information.


Why should you choose wood-fired pizza?

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