Health benefits of herbs

Herbs Health Benefits

Health Benefits of Herbs

Consuming herbs may help to prevent and manage heart disease, cancer and diabetes.

Some studies have shown that:

Garlic, linseed, fenugreek and lemongrass may help lower cholesterol.

Garlic is useful for people with mildly elevated blood pressure.

Herbs such as fenugreek, linseed, flaxseed and cinnamon can help control blood sugar and insulin activity.

Garlic, onions, chives, leeks, mint, basil, oregano, sage and many other herbs can help protect against cancer.

Herbs are rich in antioxidants, especially cloves, cinnamon, sage, oregano and thyme, by helping to reduce low-density lipoproteins (‘bad’ cholesterol).

Fresh herbs often contain higher antioxidant levels compared to processed or dried herbs.

They can also help to reduce blood clots and can provide anti-inflammatory and anti-tumor properties.

Herbs Health Benefits

Green Cottage Adventurous with Herbs

By featuring a menu that successfully marries fresh herbs with modern clean-eating concerns, Green Cottage defines the odds and produces healthy food that actually tastes good.

We use herbs in lots of different ways, such as:

saffron– with turmeric,  paprika, onion

basil – with chives, chili, garlic, oregano

bay – with parsley, thyme, garlic, oregano, marjoram

chili – with coriander, garlic, ginger, lemongrass, mint, oregano

chives – with basil, garlic, tarragon

dill – with chives, garlic, parsley, tarragon

garlic – with basil, rosemary, sage, fennel, chili, coriander

oregano – with basil, parsley, chives, thyme, bay, chili

sage – with rosemary, garlic, marjoram

thyme – with bay, parsley, garlic, rosemary

Our All-Natural meat is marinated in a mixture of spices: the most prominent of them being Saffron. Saffron is a small, bulbous, perennial spice and also a member of the lily family. It is produced in Persia, Greece, Morocco, Spain, Kashmir and Italy. The process of producing Saffron is extremely labor intensive making it the most expensive spice in the world; and for good reason.
This expensive seasoning has truly earned it’s nickname as ‘The Priceless Spice’.
Herbs Health Benefits
Saffron is a spice derived from the flower of Crocus sativus, commonly known as the "saffron crocus".
The health benefits of Saffron are extremely vast. The spice contains properties that are known to protect against cancer. Saffron also promotes learning and memory retention, is used in the treatment of Parkinson’s Disease, and inflammation.

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  1. October 1, 2017

    Very interesting combinations of tastes. Rosemary and sage in all its preparations is my favorite.

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